Loose Leaf Black Teas

Bold Flavors & Bracing Aroma

All teas, including Loose Leaf Black Teas, come from the same plant, and the differences in color and flavor arise from how tea is processed.

During the process, some black tea leaves are left as is, while others might be rolled with oils or mixed with other ingredients like flower petals, fruit, or flavorings. This results in the differences between a breakfast loose leaf black tea like “China Keemun” and a scented fruit black tea like “Sunrise.”

Loose Leaf Black Teas are high in tannins and have more caffeine than other types of tea, making them great “starter” teas for those who want to make the switch from coffee to tea. Plus, they provide great body and flavor to make refreshing iced tea in the summer!

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1. The St. James Newest Teas Collection

The St. James Online Shop proudly presents our Newest Teas!


A Floral Tea Card (two flavors)

Send someone your best wishes with a card and a spot of tea.


Afternoon in Mansfield Park

A summer berry grove with strawberries and blackberries.


Amaretto Rose

Velvet rose blends with nutty flavors in a dreamy black tea.


Atlantic City Jubilee 1923

Rich, delicate cherry with notes of refined, creamy vanilla.


Black Forest Fable

Decadent chocolate and tart cherries in a scented black tea.


Black Pearl

Delicate blend of organic jasmine with rich, smooth vanilla.


Blueberry Festival

Black and green leaves with an intoxicating blueberry aroma.


Buckingham Palace Black Tea

Smooth & lightly floral Earl Grey with jasmine blossoms.


Caramel Delights

Who needs cake with this rich & silky caramel black tea?


Ceylon Orange Pekoe

A fine quality breakfast black with a little bit of pucker.


Chai Express

Great balance of sweet & spice with cinnamon and cloves.


China Keemun Black Tea

Fine quality breakfast black with a rich and toasty finish.


Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Tantalizing aroma of raspberry and rich, chocolate truffles.


Darcy and Elizabeth Black Tea

A black-green blend of warm blueberry & sweet cinnamon.


Duchess of Bedford

Sweet raspberries and velvety rose petals in a Ceylon blend.


Earl à la Crème

Creamy Earl Grey with floral scent and sweet vanilla finish.


Earl of Grantham

Chocolate Earl Grey with a debonair touch of fragrant rose.


Earl of St. James

Classic Earl Grey of fragrant rose, lavender, and rosemary.


English Breakfast Black Tea

A hearty and stirring St. James blend of traditional flavor.


Eye of the Tiger

An indulgence of butterscotch, rum, and almonds in your cup!


French Kiss Puerh

Aged tea blended with luscious strawberries for rich flavor.


Hearthside Toddy

Curl up near the hearthside with rich maple and cozy spices.


Higbie & Sons Collection: Candler’s Cherries, 1888

Smooth cherry black tea with the finish of bubbly Coca-Cola.


Higbie & Sons Collection: J. P. Morgan

A Chinese lapsang souchong with smoky aroma from oak fires.


Indian Assam

Dark, bold, and malty black tea grown in northeastern India.


Irish Breakfast

Rich and malty black tea blend ideal for morning breakfast.


Lady Day

Fruity scented black tea singing ruby red pomegranate notes.


Lady Londonderry

A splendid strawberry black tea with subtle hints of lemon.


Lady of Marliondolen

Delicate roses and glistening pears unite in this black tea.


Lavender Provence

The sweet aroma of French lavender in an elegant Earl Grey.


Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling

Fine Darjeeling black tea with fragrance of muscat grapes.


Morning in Giverny

A rich cup of black tea from Ceylon steeped in amber honey.


Mulled Cider Scented Black

Warm autumn spices and apples combine to make fall in a cup!


Picasso’s Soirée

Creamy crème brulée and rich caramel without the calories!


Pomander Orange Chai

Spiced chai tea with a burst of orange and hint of cardamom.


Pumpkin Pie

The name says it all: sweet pumpkin and fall spices. Mmm!


Renaissance Chocolate Treasure Black Tea

Dessert tea with sweet mint leaves and real chocolate bits.


Sir Philip Sidney

Rich, complex full-bodied tea with subtle hint of molasses.


Sparkling Sugar Plum

Tart plum and a touch of spice in this sparkling black tea.


Spring Grove Black Tea

An orchard of sweet peaches meets mint and a hint of lime.


St. James Sugar Lumps

5 oz. package of our sugar lumps used for our tea service.


Summer’s Bounty Black Tea

Mellow peaches and flavorful apricots in a summer black tea.



Fruit scented black tea of tangy citrus & warm spices.

New St James Tearoom Online Tea Shop - Sweet Autumn Crisp BLACK 4 oz and 2 oz

Sweet Autumn Crisp Black

Autumn black with brown sugar and sweet, grilled pineapple.

Wisteria White Tea

Black and green blend with rose petals and bits of currants.


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