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Buckingham Palace Black Tea


Smooth & lightly floral Earl Grey with jasmine blossoms.

There is a lovely British springtime tradition—every May, the Queen holds a garden party at Buckingham Palace. Imagine enjoying a cup of tea with the Queen at her annual Buckingham Palace garden party. This full-bodied black tea is famous for just that—a very British style to transport you to England itself. Take it with milk and white sugar, or enjoy without!

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Become a Connoisseur

Learn how to make “Buckingham Palace Garden Party” to enjoy at home!

Prepare and Measure

 water at a rolling boil (~212° F)

 1 12 rounded Tbsp tea leaves (32 oz. water / medium-sized teapot)

2 rounded Tbsp tea leaves (48 oz. water / large-sized teapot)

Steep and Taste

 ~ halfway through steep time: pause timer, lift and drain tea strainer, return, continue steeping

 ~ 30 seconds before steep time: pause timer, drain tea strainer and set aside, taste every 15 seconds until the steep time

 ~ 4 minutes recommended steep time: drain tea strainer and set aside, taste for the balance of flavors and body

Connoisseur note: Taste by pouring only a quarter inch of tea into the cup.

Serve and Enjoy!

 milk and white sugar will complement

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2 oz, 4 oz, tea sachets (15) in a metal tin

1 review for Buckingham Palace Black Tea

  1. Jennifer Wilkerson

    This is the best tea I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting! It’s wonderful with milk or cream and sugar. If I’m having a tea party at home this is what I’m serving. 5*

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