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Oolong and Pouchong Tea

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Loose Leaf Oolong and Pouchong Teas come from the same plant as black teas and green teas, but they are distinctly different because of how tea is processed.

Oolong teas, sometimes called blue teas, are halfway between green and black teas when it comes to how they are oxidized before firing. Green teas are not oxidized at all, while black teas are oxidized fully. Oolongs are tea leaves that are oxidized partially, along only 15 – 70% of each leaf’s surface. They are darker than green teas but have more body and tend to be less astringent.

Pouchong teas are a subcategory of oolongs, and are oxidized less than the 15% of each leaf’s surface, making them the closest to a green tea.

Just like green teas, oolong and pouchong tea leaves are more delicate than black teas and need to be steeped in water that is not fully boiling to bring out the best in them. Instead of risking burning the leaves, the leaves prefer just under a roiling boil up to simmering water, about 180°F – 190°F (or 82°C – 88°C).

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4. St. James Organic Oolong Collection

Includes three full-bodied organic oolong teas in 2 ounces.


A Floral Tea Card (two flavors)

Send someone your best wishes with a card and a spot of tea.


Island Garden Pouchong

Most gentle tea wrapped in the flavorful essence of coconut.


Serene Berry Nectar Organic Oolong

Sip and discover the secret of longevity: red goji berries.


St. James Strawberry Organic Oolong

Luxury oolong tea with fresh strawberry and hints of papaya.


Sweet Melon Sonnet Organic Oolong

Juicy watermelon bursts through in this refreshing oolong.


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