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Ginger Peach White

Sweet, sumptuous peaches blended with spicy organic ginger.


Persian Melon White Tea

Ripe melon, juicy pear, marigolds, and golden honey flavor.


Sous le Soleil

Relax “under the sun” sipping this tropical green tea!


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Loose Leaf White Teas are the most delicate type of tea, picked as young leaves or buds. They produce a very pale color in the tea cup and are typically light in body and mellow in finish. A refined white tea will not be astringent like other teas.

Because the white tea leaves are far more delicate than loose leaf black teas, they cannot handle boiling water when steeping. Such temperatures will burn the leaves, resulting in unpleasant bitterness. To avoid this, use simmering water, about 180°F – 190°F (or 82°C – 88°C).

We hope that our Loose Leaf White Teas help you nourish your soul for years to come!