Fruit scented black tea of tangy citrus & warm spices.

Enjoy all the colors of a glorious sunrise in this scented black tea made with invigorating spices and brilliant citrus. Savor cinnamon, ginger, and orange, and wait a moment to find the currants and lemon pepper hints that make this tea truly unique. Embellish with a touch of white sugar to complete the moment.

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 water at a rolling boil (~212° F)

 1 12 heaping Tbsp tea leaves (32 oz. water / medium-sized teapot)
2 heaping Tbsp tea leaves (48 oz. water / large-sized teapot)

 ~ 2 minutes: pause timer, drain tea strainer, return, continue steeping

 ~ 3 2 minutes: start tasting every 15 seconds, steeping to your preference

 ~ 4 minutes: recommended steep time for “Sunrise.” Drain tea strainer, serve, and enjoy!

 white sugar will complement, but milk is not recommended

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