Pumpkin Pie


The name says it all: sweet pumpkin and fall spices. Mmm!

This black tea is perfect for a crisp fall day, with sweet pumpkin and a light spice finish. Add milk and sugar, and it truly is a pumpkin pie in your cup!

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How to Make the Perfect Pot of Tea

Learn how to make “Pumpkin Pie” tea to enjoy at home!

Prepare and Measure

water at a rolling boil (~212° F)

1 12 rounded Tbsp tea leaves (32 oz. water / medium-sized teapot)

2 rounded Tbsp tea leaves (48 oz. water / large-sized teapot)

Steep and Taste

~ halfway through steep time: pause timer, lift and drain tea strainer, return, continue steeping

~ 30 seconds before steep time: pause timer, drain tea strainer and set aside, taste every 15 seconds until the steep time

~ 5 minutes recommended steep time: drain tea strainer and set aside, taste for the balance of flavors and body

Connoisseur note: Taste by pouring only a quarter inch of tea into the cup.

Serve and Enjoy!

milk and brown sugar will complement

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3oz copper canister with lid, 2 oz in a bag, 4 oz in a bag


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