Book of Tea Sommelier: A Step-by-Step Guide


Discover a fun and simple approach to becoming a tea expert.

Tea, in all its varieties, offers just as much subtlety and complexity as fine wine, and in many countries around the globe, the tea service is one of the highest expressions of culture. Tea Sommelier will provide the knowledge and practical tips you need to feel at home in the world of tea, in 160 easy lessons.
No matter how much time you have―ten minutes or an hour―this book will always teach you something new and interesting about tea. Topics include: the varieties of tea and where they are grown, how to select and prepare tea, how to taste and serve it, how to pair tea with food, and how to cook with tea. Stylish illustrations on every page add extra enjoyment to the process of becoming a true tea sommelier.

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About the Author

François-Xavier Delmas is founder of Le Palais des Thés. His in-depth knowledge of tea-producing regions and his exceptional tasting skills make him one of the leading experts in his field.

Mathias Minet is a taster. He joined Le Palais des Thés ten years ago and co-directs the business with François-Xavier Delmas. In 1999, he and Delmas founded L’École du Thé, a school for would-be tasters.

Lauriane Tiberghien is an illustrator and graphic designer, based in Paris.

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