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Sweet Autumn Crisp Rooibos


Autumn herbal with brown sugar and sweet, grilled pineapple.

Welcome the crispness of autumn with the warm tastes and brown sugar sweetness of a rooibos made for fall. It will draw you in with sweetly-grilled pineapple, while delighting you in its relaxing smoothness. Taste this delicacy before adding any sugar, as its candied nature may be satisfactory without.

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Steeping Directions

Learn how to make “Sweet Autumn Crisp Rooibos” to enjoy at home!


 water at a simmer or a rolling boil (~180-212° F)

 1 tsp tea leaves per 6 oz. water (standard teacup)

 ~ 3 4 minutes: Drain tea strainer, serve, and enjoy!

 white sugar will add to its natural sweetness, but this tea does not take milk

Tea Tip: To prevent rooibos dregs, use a tea strainer without loose mesh or large holes. We recommend tea sacks or tea socks.


 water at a rolling boil (~212° F)

 1 12 even Tbsp tea leaves (32 oz. water / medium-sized teapot)
34 even Tbsp tea leaves (48 oz. water / large-sized teapot)

 ~ 2 2 minutes: pause timer, drain tea strainer, return, continue steeping

 ~ 2 4 minutes: start tasting every 15 seconds, steeping to your preference

 ~ 3 4 minutes: recommended steep time for “Sweet Autumn Crisp Rooibos” Drain tea strainer, serve, and enjoy!

 white sugar will add to its natural sweetness, but this tea does not take milk

Tea Tip: Taste by pouring only a quarter inch of tea into the cup.

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1 review for Sweet Autumn Crisp Rooibos

  1. Desarae Phipps

    The tea of cozy dreams. Quite possibly the best tea I have ever had, certainly MY top favorite!
    I first tasted this at a friends there in the Albuquerque area and was immediately in love. I dreamt about the taste of this tea for months, and put it on my Christmas list. I live out of state and have been to the St. James Tea rooms a couple of times before, so I knew their quality, but I was still so impressed when I received the package as a Christmas gift! St. James wrapped the tea in lovely Christmas wrapping, and sent directions for brewing my tea, a recipe card from their kitchen, a small metal clip to keep the tea bag closed, and even sent a small sample of another tea. It was a whole experience and gift in itself, so elegantly packaged, not just a bag of tea stuffed in a box. HIGHLY recommend their online store, and most definitely recommend this particular tea. It somehow tastes of fall and coziness without having those seasonal flavor profiles of ginger, cinnamon, or pumpkin typically associated with ‘fall’ that, personally, I feel limits the season of a tea’s enjoyment. This is one I can enjoy any time of the year, since the key notes that hit me are a vanilla, brown sugar kind of nuttiness. I myself enjoy it with cream and brown sugar. Excellent!

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